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401 - 655 Tyee Road
Victoria, BC  V9A 6X5
t. (250) 475-1077
f. (250) 475-1078

British Columbia Construction Association

Manley McLachlan, President

Abigail Fulton, Vice President

Warren Perks, Vice President / Director of Industry Practices

Rachelle Dyer, Executive Assistant to the President

Teresa Williams, Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

Kim Crevatin, Member Services

Lisa Stevens, Marketing and Communications Consultant

Duncan Stanage, Marketing Analyst

Stephen Richter, Marketing and Communications Administrator

Liam McLachlan, IT Operations Manager

Graham Labrecque, IT Support Technician

Jackie Knutson, Accounting & Finance Manager

Barbara Perin, Assistant Accounting & Finance Manager

Ann Whiteaker, Accounting Clerk

Eric Metcalf, Bookkeeper

Sue Edmonds, Bookkeeper

Bruce Lund, Special Projects

Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP) 

Marlene Gurnham, Provincial Operations Manager

Lisa Finch, Administrative Coordinator

Alice Calmettes, Operations Coordinator

Caroline Ames, Provincial Coordinator

Jordan Perrault, Youth Coordinator / Project Assistant


Jonathan Smallwood, Manager of Business Development

Foreign Skilled Workers BC (FSWBC)

Find skilled work!

Workers from outside of Canada interested in finding work in British Columbia, Canada, are welcome to check out our website at for more information.

To submit a CV or request more information on the program, please email [email protected].  This email will direct to all of the program coordinators.

Employee Benefit Plan

[email protected]

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